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  • Snow Blast

    30th Oct 2018

    Snow Blast

    Snow Blast is part of the Batch Snow Foam Range. Snow Blast is the result of extensive in-house rese…

    Published by ADAM HOCKEY

  • Luminous Spray Wax

    30th Oct 2018

    Luminous Spray Wax

    Batch Luminous Spray Wax has been improved beyond our highest expectations with a new formula b…

    Published by ADAM HOCKEY

  • Endurane Tyre Dressing

    29th Oct 2018

    Endurane Tyre Dressing

    Batch has invested considerable time into the research and development of Endurance to produce the l…

    Published by ADAM HOCKEY

  • Purple Haze

    30th Nov 2016

    Purple Haze

    Purple Haze is a pH neutral, acid-free wheel cleaner that is simple to use and highly effective.Reg…

    Published by ADAM HOCKEY