Snow Blast

Snow Blast

Published by ADAM HOCKEY on 30th Oct 2018

Snow Blast is part of the Batch Snow Foam Range.

Snow Blast is the result of extensive in-house research by Batch. Our formula is a new generation, pH neutral, water based foam wash which is safe to use on pre-waxed, polished and coated surfaces. Snow Blast is extremely high foaming, designed to cling to the paintwork and vehicle surfaces to breakdown stubborn dirt and road film whilst being safe on polished aluminium, stainless steel and chrome vehicle surfaces.

Snow Blast is best applied using the Batch Snow Foam Gun for a virtual touch-less clean, minimising the risk of swirls or paint work damage caused by use of a contaminated sponge or wash mit or by using a sponge or wash mit over an area of heavy contamination.

Using Snow Blast;

  1. It is best to Snow Blast the car out of the direct sunlight.
  2. Pour Snow Blast into the reservoir of the Snow Foam Gun, depending on the soiling and application, Snow Blast can be diluted with water to suit the density of foam required. Use the Snow Foam Gun settings as required to increase or reduce foam.
  3. Spray Snow Blast onto the vehicle, covering all external surfaces, including glass and wheels.
  4. Leave Snow Blast time to dwell and loosen dirt for up to 10 minutes, although do not allow it dry.
  5. Thoroughly rinse.
  6. If required dry with a Batch Microfibre Drying Towel