Purple Haze

Purple Haze

Published by ADAM HOCKEY on 30th Nov 2016

Purple Haze is a pH neutral, acid-free wheel cleaner that is simple to use and highly effective.

Regular use of your vehicle attracts contaminations from brake dust and road grime which easily attach themselves to the bodywork and wheels.

Batch Products has formulated Purple Haze to be the fastest acting wheel cleaner designed to remove iron particles, brake dust and fallout from your wheels.

Purple Haze visually highlights the whereabouts of these harmful iron particles on the vehicle. As Purple Haze begins to work, the formula turns a purple colour upon coming in to contact with iron particles, forming a bond to the iron, allowing for easy removal.

Five amazing points to remember about Purple Haze

  • Will not remove wax from paint or damage clear coats.
  • Safe on chrome wheels, aluminium wheels, alloy wheels and anodised wheels.
  • Removes industrial fallout.
  • pH neutral. Has amazing cleaning properties and is safe to use. Simply spray on and hose off.
  • Eliminates iron particles caused from heavy braking that bury into alloy wheels and paintwork.

Agitation may be required to remove stubborn grime.