Endurane Tyre Dressing

Endurane Tyre Dressing

Published by ADAM HOCKEY on 29th Oct 2018

Batch has invested considerable time into the research and development of Endurance to produce the leading tyre dressing in Australia. 

Endurance is a tyre gel specially formulated using unique polymers that dry leaving a rich, dark and high gloss finish to the tyre. There is virtually no sling or spin off with this quality product and the finish is long lasting and resistant to weathering. Endurance is the perfect product to give tyres a high gloss finish. 

Instructions for use;

1. To achieve  the best results ensure your tyres are clean and dry, although Endurance can be applied to wet tyres. Batch Kleen Wheels would be the ideal product to clean the tyre before Endurance application.

2. Apply a small amount of Endurance Tyre Gel to a Tyre Foam Application Pad

2. Simply spread the gel around the tyre wall ensuring it is worked into the tyre contours. Add more Endurance to the applicator pad as required. ,

3. Leave Endurance to dry for a few minutes for a rich, dark and high gloss finish.

4. For an ultra high gloss finish apply a second coat of Endurance Tyre Gel.