1L Snow Foam Range Pack

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This Value Pack has 1 L bottles of our full range of Snow Foam.

  • Snow Blast - Snow Blast is a new generation pH neutral, water based foam wash which is safe to use on pre-waxed, polished and coated surfaces. 
  • Snow Foam - Snow Foam is a non corrosive highly concentrated foam cleaning detergent which has exceptional soaking power to safely clean all types of vehicles. It is easy to rinse and leaves a water repellent, shiny finish. Caution when using on highly polished aluminium as it may cause streaking or staining.
  • Snow White - Snow White is the most concentrated of the Batch Snow Foam range. Snow White is a high density foam with hyper surfactants to penetrate and remove grease, grime and statical dirt whilst creating an unbeatable shine from added polymer gloss enhancers. This product is safe on all paints and chrome but care should be taken when using it on mirror polished, untreated aluminium as the product could leave a white veil or stain the aluminium.

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