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This pack has 1 litre bottles of;

  • Luminous - A spray wax developed with hydrophobic polymer technology to produce a supreme deep gloss with easy application and instant wipe off.
  • Re-Glow - Universal plastic and dash dressing that revitalises the appearance of vinyl, leather and rubber. Re-Glow forms a tough antistatic barrier against dust, staining, moisture and fading while leaving a protective sheen.

and 4 Litre containers of;

  • Endurance - Tyre Gel that delivers a rich, dark and high gloss finish to tyres with virtuality no sling or spin off.  
  • Powersafe - A concentrated low alkaline cleaning agent, specially formulated to clean, cars buses and trucks. It removes heavy grease, statical dirt and is an effective Bug remover. This product also sanitises and disinfects. 
  • Snow Foam - Snow Foam is a non corrosive highly concentrated foam cleaning detergent which has exceptional soaking power to safely clean all types of vehicles. It is easy to rinse and leaves a water repellent, shiny finish. Caution when using on highly polished aluminium as it may cause streaking or staining.​
  • Verry Berry - Verry Berry is a silicone free wash 'n' wax car shampoo, which cleans and shines paintwork in one easy action.

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